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hound of the baskervilles characters

Main Characters
Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based "consulting detective", Holmes is famous for his astute logical reasoning, his ability to take almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science skills to solve difficult cases.

Dr. Watson is a character in the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Watson is Sherlock Holmes's assistant and flatmate, and is the first person narrator of all but four stories in the Sherlock Holmes canon.

The Baskerville Family
Sir Hugo Baskerville is a wicked man who kidnapped a yeoman's daughter. He and his friends dragged her to Baskerville Hall where they locked her in the tower. While he was having dinner with his guests, the girl escaped. Once it was discovered that she was missing, Hugo Baskerville sent dogs to retrieve her. The guests ran to stop him, once they found out what he was intending. Yet, when they got to the woods they found that he had already killed her. However, he was also dead. A giant black hound was found tearing his throat. That is how the Curse of the Baskervilles began.

Sir Charles Baskerville is a descendant that has information about what happen on the night that the Yeoman's daugther and Hugo Baskerville are found dead.

Sir Henry Baskerville was the uncle of Sir Charles Baskerville.

Jack Stapleton - A bookish-looking former schoolmaster, Stapleton chases butterflies on the moors and pursues antiquarian interests, Outwardly a polite gentleman, he inwardly possesses a hot temper which reveals itself at key moments. It transpires that Stapleton—in reality a long-lost relative of Sir Henry's who stands to inherit the Baskerville fortune—is a scheming, manipulative and money-hungry criminal that Holmes and Watson come to respect and fear.

Minor Characters
Dr. Mortimer - A medical practitioner and friend of the Baskervilles. Mortimer is tall, thin and good-natured with rather eccentric habits. He is, nonetheless, a competent country doctor who was made the executor of Sir Charles' will. He sets the book's plot in train by traveling to London to inform Holmes and Watson about the strange events surrounding Sir Charles' demise, and alerting them to the dangerous situation that Sir Henry now faces as Sir Charles' heir. Mortimer continues to assist Holmes and Watson in their twin roles as investigators/bodyguards until the conclusion of the case.

Beryl Stapleton - Allegedly Stapleton's sister, this dusky Latin beauty turns out to be his wife. Eager to prevent another death but terrified of her violent spouse, she provides enigmatic warnings to Sir Henry and Watson.

The Barrymores
Mr. John & Mrs. Eliza
The longtime domestic help of the Baskerville clan. Earnest and eager to please, the portly Mrs. Barrymore and her gaunt husband figure as a kind of red herring for the detectives, in league with their convict brother but ultimately no more suspicious than Sir Henry.
Selden - An escaped killer.

Laura Lyons - A local young woman. Laura Lyons is the beautiful brunette daughter of "Frankland the crank," the local litigator who disowned her when she married against his will. Subsequently abandoned by her husband, the credulous Laura turns to Mr. Stapleton and Charles for help.

Mr. Frankland - Laura's father. Frankland is a man who likes to sue, a sort of comic relief with a chip on his shoulder about every infringement on what he sees as his rights. Villainized due to his one-time harsh treatment of Laura, Frankland is for the most part a laughable jester in the context of this story.

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hound of the baskervilles quiz

hound of the baskervilles quiz
Who's who in the story
Fill in the correct names from the boxes below. Some names may appear more than once.
1. The visitor who forgot his walking stick at the Baker Street house was __________.
2. The famous detective's name is __________.
3. The detective's best friend is called __________.
4. It is possible that __________ did not die of a heart attack but was frightened to death.
5. Sir Henry came down to Dartmoor with __________ and __________.
6. Laura Lyons is the daughter of __________.
7. Laura tried to divorce her husband so she could marry __________.
8. The beautiful woman who was born in Costa Rice was __________.
9. The tall stranger on the moor was really __________.
10. __________, the escaped convict, was Mrs. Barrymore's brother.
11. When __________ heard about his death, she cried bitterly.
12. The picture on the wall showed the wicked __________.
13. Sherlock Holmes told __________ that he would enjoy the night air on the moor.
14. Sherlock Holmes told __________ to do as he was told and not to ask any questions.
15. __________ agreed to walk home alone, but he was very shocked when the terrible hound came out of the fog and chased him.
16. __________ had a hiding place for his hound on Grimpen Mire.

Circle the correct answer
1.Sir Henry was sir Charles's:
a. son
b. grandson
c. nephew

2.The Grimpen Mire is:
a. a dangerous bog
b. a nature reserve
c. a village near Baskerville Hall

3.Merripit House is the home of:
a. Dr. Mortimer
b. Mr. Frankland
c. Mr. Stapleton

4.Dr. Mortimer is:
a. old
b. young
c. middle-aged

5.Sir Charles believed the legend because:
a. many people in his family had died strangely
b. he liked supernatural stories
c. he was afraid of large black dogs

6. Hugo Baskerville of the legend was known to be:
a. good
b. wicked
c. innocent

7. Hugo's death was:
a. expected
b. natural
c. supernatural

8. Sir Charles's last steps were on tiptoe because:
a. he was exercising
b. he was running for his life
c. he didn't want to make any noise

9. Sir Charles's death was:
a. natural
b. supernatural
c. a case of murder

Hound of the baskervilles summary

Supernatural death or clever crime? Detective Sherlock Holmes is faced with the mystery of sir Charles Baskerville's death. Sir Charles died in the garden of his house on Dartmoor. No marks were found on the body but tracks of a huge dog were seen nearby. There is talk of a family curse, of a host known as the hound of the baskervilles, and rumors of a terrifying animal that has been seen roaming the moor at night.